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What is Parkour?

There are lots of different ways that we hear Parkour described. Those people running over rooftops, jumping about and stuff, moving around efficiently… but what exactly is it?

It is…

A sport (since 2017)

A movement discipline

A way of being comfortable to move in urban environments through jumping, swinging, climbing and vaulting.

Meaningful in different ways to different people.

So whilst it can be characterised, the real definition is up to you! What is your definition of Parkour?

How can I get moving and keep moving?

Our bodies are movement compatible, but we don’t make the most of them. 

Our muscles, bones and joints all come together to allow us to move, and as children we loved to do it! We all used to run, jump, climb and swing to our hearts content. 

Somewhere along the way, we stopped moving, and started sitting; our muscles lost their superpowers. Now, movement feels like a chore, something we should do because the doctor told us to, or because it’s ‘good’ for us. We try dragging ourselves to the gym, going for a run, or doing those home workouts, but eventually we lose heart through boredom or lack of motivation. When we are honest with ourselves, all that stuff feels like a bit too much of an effort, so we end up back at square one. 

Does this sound familiar? Are you wondering how to get moving and keep moving?

Try Parkour!

Parkour involves using natural movement styles to make you comfortable with moving in all terrains. It is fun, challenging, great for the endorphin rush, and it doesn’t feel like exercise! You will also have a set of practical movement skills that you can use in all sorts of real life situations!

Come and get comfortable with moving freely again.